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We’re currently recruiting Pro-Staff. If you’re interested in applying, please do so by clicking the link below to fill out our application.

The “R Unit” is a family. We are composed of people from many walks of life. We all have different backgrounds, but we are bonded in a few basic commonalities- we love to fish and we have a lot of confidence using the products made by Riot Baits.

Yes, we have nice packaging and awesome baits, but if you think Riot is a corporate owned business with lots of employees that spends millions of dollars on marketing and influencers, you’d be wrong. We are a small, family-owned business that began as a side hustle in 2014. We have grown our product line since then, but our employees are still the same (with the addition of our son who is too young to do more than sweep the floors).

The tight, family structure to our business, allows the “R Unit” to have direct communication with the owners of Riot. Although we are way too small to create every suggestion or request that crosses the helm, we do take notes, and we do our best to create products that will help our core pursue and acquire bass on their local bodies of water.

We have some amazing staples in our line-up like the Minima Jig/Tantrum combo; the Fuzzy and Little Fuzzy; the new Vigilante; the craziest wacky rig worm ever created- the Baton; and the Reactor 1.5 Squarebill to name a few. We are far from done adding to that list. If you are already a fan of our brand and you want to be part of a tight knit family of anglers pushing to become a household name in the fishing community by creating the best products, we welcome you to apply to “R Unit”.


Soft Plastics

T3 Tattletail

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