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Day 11: December 17th

Buy 4 Packs Get 1 Free
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The bait that started it all…

The Fuzzy Beaver is the quintessential flipping and punching bait. It features Riot’s patent-pending Alternate Ridge Design (A.R.D.), giving the Fuzzy Beaver’s claws their unique aquatic signature. The Fuzzy Beaver’s chevron-shaped, serrated-body traps and naturally releases air bubbles as it is crawled, hopped or twitched.

Day 10: December 16th

25% off all purchases of the Vigilante
The Vigilante is a sleek 4.5” creature bait that may be the most versatile soft plastic ever designed. The Vigilante has eight appendages- each with its own life-like action, making the Vigilante a big-time attention-getter. Its slender body slinks through weedy-vegetation and brush piles with ease, while the buoyant plastic ensures the Vigilante is always upright and visible- grabbing constant attention from lurking bass.

The Vigilante is a bit of a transformer. . . Each set of appendages can be removed, allowing the Vigilante to be altered in many different presentations. It can be rigged on everything from a Texas-rigged punching rig to a diminutive Ned head.

Day 9: December 15th

Buy 3 Packs of the Synth and Get 1 Pack Free!  (may be used multiple times)

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It’s soft, slender, and flexible…the Synth is a finesse angler’s dream come true!

This hand-poured, tri-colored worm is like a potato chip for all species of bass. The Synth shines when the bite is at its toughest. Whether you rig the Synth on a drop-shot, shaky head, Ned rig, or fish it weightless, the Synth will put bass in the boat.

Day 9: December 14th

Buy 4 Little Fuzzy Packs and get 1 Free! (may be used multiple times)
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The Little Fuzzy is a shorter version of the acclaimed Fuzzy Beaver. At 3.25″ in length, the Little Fuzzy provides a more diminutive profile, making it perfect for those times when the bass are more finicky.

Day 8: December 13th

Buy Two Ronins and get 1 Free! (may be used multiple times)
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The Ronin topwater walking bait has a pronounced rocker from nose to tail. It is this rocker that allows the Ronin to be easily “walked” even by the most novice of fishermen. Ronin’s walking action provides a lot of commotion. It slashes and slides, producing a wide walking action with a distinct audible two-toned rattle. Ronin’s unique two-toned rattle system helps increase casting distance and aids in luring fish to bite. Every slash of the Ronin results in a loud knock from its single hard tungsten casting ball, while a secondary, more subdued baitfish sound can be heard from smaller ball rattles located in Ronin’s head chamber.


Day 7: December 12th

Buy 1 Pack of Probes and get 1 Free! (may be used multiple times)
*Add at least 2 bags to your cart for coupon to be eligible 

The Probe is a fish catching machine! We set out to design a good finesse worm, and we did it, but the Probe is more than just a quintessential finesse worm. We consider it a jack of all trades.


Day 6: December 11th

25% All Reactor orders

The Reactor 1.5 Squarebill is part of Riot’s new Reflex Series of crankbaits. All the crankbaits in the Reflex Series feature “Wire-Thru” construction for added strength, eliminating the possibility of a lost fish due to hook anchor displacement. The Reactor 1.5 is a 3/8 oz. 2.25” squarebill sporting a ergonomic, multi-angled body providing realism and increased deflection characteristics. The elevated, lower volume tail allows the Reactor to have a blazingly wide wobbling action that produces thunderous vibration. The Reactor’s wide wobble is enhanced by a subtle one knocker rattle providing optimum fish-calling sound by imitating a rooting crawfish.

Day 5: December 10th

For every 4 Packs of Batons you buy, you get 1 for free.
*Add at least 5 bags to your cart for the coupon to be eligible.

The 4.6″ Baton is a worm that surpasses the performance of all other wacky-rigged worms on the market today. The Baton’s unique design combined with its heavy salt content create a fast fall rate and unparalleled action. The Baton features a tri-module design to maximize its underwater undulation by creating variances in its water displacement.

Day 4: December 9th

25% off all of our Tungsten Terminal Tackle

  • Anodized Flipping Weights – Chip Proof Tungsten
  • Tungsten Cylinder Drop Shot Weights 
  • Tungsten Fidget
  • Tungsten Panic Button
  • Tungsten Weedless Wacky Rigged Jig

Day 3: December 8th

The Tungsten Minima Jig represents the cream of the crop in finesse-sized flipping jigs and is an improvement on the legendary lead version.

Measuring only 2.25″ in length, it is one of the smallest flipping jigs on the market. 

The new tungsten Minima features an even smaller head, allowing it to navigate cover even better than the original. Featuring a hand-tied skirt, and eliminating the rubber bands that can potentially slide or rot, ensures the skirt stays firmly in place even after an all-day session of skipping docks. Its stout 60-degree Mustad flipping hook provides ample backbone and an incredible hook-up ratio, with an extended bait keeper to secure a Tantrum jig trailer firmly in place.

Day 2: December 7th

We took our popular smallmouth slaying Lil’ Creeper and remade it in tungsten – allowing anglers to feel more bites and catch more fish.

The Lil’ Creeper has always been an ultra-compact football jig measuring only 2” in length, but now it is even smaller. But don’t let the diminutive size fool you. The Lil’ Creeper comes equipped with a stout hook that will keep fish pegged all the way to the boat. The small size is perfect for areas where forage is smaller or the bass are being more finicky.  Our new tungsten version now comes with a hand-tied skirt and is available in  3/8 and ½ oz sizes in several fish-catching colors.

Day 1: December 6th

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